Saturday, September 15, 2007

When It Rains... pours - blessings, that is!

We are very happy to have Chloë, Aiden, and each other - but also very glad to hear from Sarah's brother Brett that he is on his way home on a Navy ship from his 3rd Tour of Duty in Iraq for the Marines! Check out the pic'd never know by the way he cradles his rifle that this is the most humble, real, and nicest man you'll ever meet (we pray for his salvation and safety often - considering that he's been in 9 IED accidents and injured significantly in 2 of them! So please pray with us that Jesus would grab his heart and that Brett would know who the King of kings is - if he doesn't already.). He is the lead driver for a mounted humvee cavalry unit; and even though I am 6.5 years older than him with a wife, kids, dog, bills, and career...there is no question about who is the real man when he is in the room!

Semper Fi, brother - Semper Fi.


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