Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daddy Deja Vu

I noticed something quite striking as I was checking out an old Website I made for Aiden when he was born (that was before anyone really knew what a blog was)...

Here's my case:

Exhibit A
Aiden 2002

Chloë 2007

Exhibit B
Aiden 2002

Chloë 2007

Exhibit C
Aiden 2002

Chloë 2007

"Exhibit C" is the most compelling evidence that they have a common father...because that's how their daddy looks when he sleeps too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Baby Haiku

Night is day backward
Fussing, diapers, feeding, burp
Tired parent eyes droop

But still happy enough to think up a haiku - better to be inspired than expired!

Bath time in the kitchen - love that warm water.

Like I said, "Night is day backward" - Chloë is in there under the blanket Sarah is clutching.

Poor Sarah just can't keep those pesky kids off her!

Yup...she just released her "exhaust valve" on Aiden!

As you can see, Sunday is for football (after church, of course, just in case the pastor is reading this!) and we have lots of time in our Shaun Alexander #37 Jerseys - I'm still trying to get Mr. Alexander to comment on my blog - help me get it done someone!)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

When It Rains... pours - blessings, that is!

We are very happy to have Chloë, Aiden, and each other - but also very glad to hear from Sarah's brother Brett that he is on his way home on a Navy ship from his 3rd Tour of Duty in Iraq for the Marines! Check out the pic'd never know by the way he cradles his rifle that this is the most humble, real, and nicest man you'll ever meet (we pray for his salvation and safety often - considering that he's been in 9 IED accidents and injured significantly in 2 of them! So please pray with us that Jesus would grab his heart and that Brett would know who the King of kings is - if he doesn't already.). He is the lead driver for a mounted humvee cavalry unit; and even though I am 6.5 years older than him with a wife, kids, dog, bills, and career...there is no question about who is the real man when he is in the room!

Semper Fi, brother - Semper Fi.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

More Photos for Your Enjoyment

We've had so many visitors these past few days - it really reminds you of all the friends and family who really seem to care!

In this shot is a great friend of ours, Michelle Peel, holding Chloë - she's been a real blessing to Sarah and I for some time. I work with her at Multnomah and we all go to The Pearl Church together. In the background you can see Sarah talking about child-rearing with her step-sisters, Kristen and Jen (who have a basketball team with subs between them!).

Today was big-brother Aiden's day to hang with his lil' sis' in their Seahawks gear today (the 'Hawks won 20-6 to boot!). He is such a good boy with her. What a testament to God - watching him care for her in such a genuine way warms my heart like nothing I can think of.

Not to be's our new family shot (notice Chloë's new little jersey)! I'm thinkin' that this might be our new main shot on this blog now (on the upper right). Let me know if you agree.

And Sarah's grandparents and uncle came up from Chico, CA to is always splendid when 4 generations of girls are in the same room! Here is Great-Grandma Dorothy Cagle!

Stay tuned for more good stuff (no, you'll just have to wait to see all the other great shots I've taken - especially those showing my hot wife/mother-of-my-child on their first full-day at home).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Hello World!" - Chloë Ann Leary

We are very excited to welcome our little blessing into our arms today! Little Miss Chloë Ann Leary was born this morning, September 6, 2007 at 7:04 AM. She is 8lbs. 3oz. and 21 inches long. She has so much hair and (yes, yes - of course I'm a bit biased and yes, yes - I know people always say this about their kids) is about as beautiful as you'll find!

It is quite a magnificent thing to see the instant connection between mother and child being introduced for the first time. Chloë knew exactly who she was looking at in this next shot - they just stared at each other, wide-eyed, for at least 5 minutes! This kind of connection is something that dads and siblings will never get to experience. Sarah did such a great job and worked so hard (even if she did curse the day Eve ate the forbidden fruit and convinced Adam to do the same!) - she's going to be a great influence on her little girl!

Of course, I get to have my moment as the father of a girl - what a rewarding responsibility!

But, the award for the most enthusiastic and eager greeter to Chloë has to go to Big Brother Aiden (5 yrs old). He could hardly contain himself and only shares her begrudgingly with out boys, if you want to get to Chloë you'll have a protective big brother to deal with first!

We'll take a few more pics over the next few days. So stay posted (or better yet, just subscribe to the RSS feed) and stay updated!

Praise Jesus for all the blessings he brings - especially those that are about 8lbs and sleepy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Impending "Induction" Ceremony

Well, we went to see the Midwife this morning. Sarah and Chloë are healthy as can be. However, their current disposition is as far apart as it can be - Sarah is uncomfortable to the point of wanting Chloë out and Chloë is so comfortable as to want to stay in!

So, we are expecting a call from the SW Washington Medical Hospital's Family Birth Center tomorrow telling us to come in for Sarah to be induced. So, your prayers would be good, but we have no reason to believe that anything will go awry. Prayers for Sarah's relative comfort tonight and endurance while she waits (and her poor body screams at her!).

In the meantime...enjoy these gratuitous bedroom shots!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Last (Wo)man Standing...Hopefully

Well...we thought there'd be a baby by now...but as you can see...
This is the "report" for today, 9/2/07...3 days overdue! Poor Sarah, she's!

This is how Nanny Frisky (12 yrs old) passes the time:

This is how Aiden passes the time - FIRST BIKE RIDE!

So, as you can see, we're all just getting so much done while we wait...and wait...and wait...