Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Hello World!" - Chloë Ann Leary

We are very excited to welcome our little blessing into our arms today! Little Miss Chloë Ann Leary was born this morning, September 6, 2007 at 7:04 AM. She is 8lbs. 3oz. and 21 inches long. She has so much hair and (yes, yes - of course I'm a bit biased and yes, yes - I know people always say this about their kids) is about as beautiful as you'll find!


It is quite a magnificent thing to see the instant connection between mother and child being introduced for the first time. Chloë knew exactly who she was looking at in this next shot - they just stared at each other, wide-eyed, for at least 5 minutes! This kind of connection is something that dads and siblings will never get to experience. Sarah did such a great job and worked so hard (even if she did curse the day Eve ate the forbidden fruit and convinced Adam to do the same!) - she's going to be a great influence on her little girl!

Of course, I get to have my moment as the father of a girl - what a rewarding responsibility!

But, the award for the most enthusiastic and eager greeter to Chloë has to go to Big Brother Aiden (5 yrs old). He could hardly contain himself and only shares her begrudgingly with out boys, if you want to get to Chloë you'll have a protective big brother to deal with first!

We'll take a few more pics over the next few days. So stay posted (or better yet, just subscribe to the RSS feed) and stay updated!

Praise Jesus for all the blessings he brings - especially those that are about 8lbs and sleepy!


Tanya Heilman said...

Wow! She is so beautiful! Congradulations you two, and big brother Aiden too! Tanya

Ian Durias said...

GREAT NEWS!!! I'm so stoked! Can't wait to meet her. Look out boys...

Mary said...

Congratulations Robert, Sarah & Aiden! Chloe, make sure Daddy brings you to work to meet everyone! I can't wait!

Dave Funk said...

Congratulations Leary family! Wow, what a cutie! Thanks for the great pics. You are blessed.

Davin said...

Congrats! Dude that picture of her looking at Sarah is awesome. It totally looks like she is smiling. And she has good color for just being born. She not all purple or yellow. Can't wait to meet her.