Sunday, September 9, 2007

More Photos for Your Enjoyment

We've had so many visitors these past few days - it really reminds you of all the friends and family who really seem to care!

In this shot is a great friend of ours, Michelle Peel, holding Chloë - she's been a real blessing to Sarah and I for some time. I work with her at Multnomah and we all go to The Pearl Church together. In the background you can see Sarah talking about child-rearing with her step-sisters, Kristen and Jen (who have a basketball team with subs between them!).

Today was big-brother Aiden's day to hang with his lil' sis' in their Seahawks gear today (the 'Hawks won 20-6 to boot!). He is such a good boy with her. What a testament to God - watching him care for her in such a genuine way warms my heart like nothing I can think of.

Not to be's our new family shot (notice Chloë's new little jersey)! I'm thinkin' that this might be our new main shot on this blog now (on the upper right). Let me know if you agree.

And Sarah's grandparents and uncle came up from Chico, CA to is always splendid when 4 generations of girls are in the same room! Here is Great-Grandma Dorothy Cagle!

Stay tuned for more good stuff (no, you'll just have to wait to see all the other great shots I've taken - especially those showing my hot wife/mother-of-my-child on their first full-day at home).

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Amanda May said...

Congratulations, Robert! Chloe is one adorable babe =)