Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Baby Haiku

Night is day backward
Fussing, diapers, feeding, burp
Tired parent eyes droop

But still happy enough to think up a haiku - better to be inspired than expired!

Bath time in the kitchen - love that warm water.

Like I said, "Night is day backward" - Chloë is in there under the blanket Sarah is clutching.

Poor Sarah just can't keep those pesky kids off her!

Yup...she just released her "exhaust valve" on Aiden!

As you can see, Sunday is for football (after church, of course, just in case the pastor is reading this!) and we have lots of time in our Shaun Alexander #37 Jerseys - I'm still trying to get Mr. Alexander to comment on my blog - help me get it done someone!)


Ford Jordan said...

Pastor is reading!!!

Having Chloe at church only 10 days old certainly earns you some football time (j/k)! Go Hawks.

We love y'all.

K said...

Wow - your daughter is so beautiful. She looks a lot like Sarah :), not that you're not beautiful Robert... I'm glad Aiden is taking to being a big brother so well. I think mine tried to flush me down the toilet -- or so the family legend goes. Enjoy the football season with your growing family.


Love Tre and Kelly