Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're Selling Out

Well, I'm taking a few weeks off of work...and what better way to "rest" than to plan a garage sale and begin packing for our move...sheesh.
  • Garage/Yard/Estate Sale
  • Saturday
  • June 14th (6/14)
  • 7am - 1pm
Anyway, we're (almost literally) selling everything...we're not above letting people come into our house and start making offers - estate sale style! Call or comment to get a "pre-view" and make an offer! The Leary's are "selling out!"

For now, check it out at:

And now...the photos! (Yeah, I know why you're really here.)

Chloë turned 9-months on 6/6...she's thrilled...

Takin' a break for cartoons (no, we don't let Chloë watch TV, except here...)


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