Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aiden's 6th Birthday Party

Well, June 22 came so fast this year! Aiden turned 6 years old and I just can't believe how swiftly the time has gone by. This past year seemed to be the year that I lamented the days gone by when he was just a cute little boy. Now, he's quite a young man. He smells like a dude - no hint of that fresh-baby-smell everyone loves. He has all the scrapes, bruises and dirty pants to prove just how big and independent he's getting!

We had a lot of fun at his party this year. Aiden asked for a "strawberry cake with Army guys" - and Sarah obliged with a very tasty custom cake. We had a water fight at the park and Chloë rode on her first swing.

The cake: complete with strawberry and frosting bunkers for the army men.
Unfortunately, this photo is the only one with any "proof" that Sarah was actually there as evidenced by the shadow of a hand holding a camera. She took all the pictures, and in the chaos we forgot to get some shots with her in them - bummer.

Aiden with his best bud from school, Tommy.

Aiden with his new baseball glove we got him

Water balloon fight!

First swing ride!

Happy birthday Aiden. I love you more than you'll ever know.

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LeRoy Lee said...

No, he will know when that guy who insist on giving him hard time in high school and finds this blog and runs in fear when he finds the few pictures of his "Mr. Clean" lookin' dad. Get 'em dad.