Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blue Skies & Baby Bellies

Well, we figured it was about time for another shot of the progress - especially when our weather has been so great (look at that blue sky)! I don't think Sarah likes this photo much ("ugh...I look awful!"), and it is a few weeks old by now, but I really like it for all the life it shows. Aiden looks pretty stoked and I, uh, stand by my "work" *ahem*...

Anyway, we are so thankful for all that the good Lord has blessed us with and for all the support we are getting from friends and family. All of our peeps at Pearl Church have been great. Please pray with us as we contend with issues of future finances, living space, whether or how much Sarah will work after maternity leave, day care (if necessary), health for all of us - both emotionally and physically - but especially for the safe and timely delivery of Chloë.

And next time:
Avast! Methinks I hear the sound of cannons, treasure, and smelly swashbucklers missing most of their teeth yelling things like "argh" and "ahoy, matey" or maybe a hearty "yo ho, yo ho (probably something to do with scurvy-induced pain...)" - yup - Scallywags a'plenty!

Until then, keep yer hands off my treasure!
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