Friday, December 10, 2010

Archie Turns 1

Today is Archibald's first birthday. He's still a rambunctious little pup, but he's learned the rules of the house and is getting better all the time.

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Some things Archie is good at
  • Ringing his bell to go to the bathroom outside
  • Sniffing around for a looooong time before doing his business
  • Stealing dental floss out of the trash can
  • Getting stolen toilet paper stuck in his jowls
  • Playing with toys that aren't his
  • Having lots of energy
  • Obeying pack-leader Robert
  • Mostly obeying Sarah and the kids
  • Doing tricks for treats
  • Going to his kennel for bedtime
  • Watching TV
  • Growling at birds on the back porch
  • Curling up next to people on the couch
  • Licking feet
  • Plays with mouth, but never bites
  • Wrestles with kids
  • Fetching tennis balls
  • Playing with Sarah's shoes
  • Not stealing food that's not his
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Anonymous said...

Archie is good at commands too such as rolling over, playing dead, high five and low five, kisses, sit, sit up, circles, and my favorite...Looking cute! Of course he has to do all this with a treat at the end of each trick, but he still does it well! And one other correction...I'm the pack leader! Sarah

dwags said...

Love the pics and so happy to see Archie doing so well! Tell him I say hi!

Poppy said...

I love Archie! He was the best thing that ever happened to me! I am glad to hear he kicked the habit of eating house. Personally, if dog-kind were god fearing, he could certainly pass for being the messiah for dogs. He is such a beautiful and lovey little man. And, so cute. I am getting furklempt just thing about him. Give him my love. His brother; from a different mother... Bobby