Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aiden's 7th Birthday Party

Words that describe Aiden's 7th Birthday party:
Whiffle Ball in the street. BBQ. Watermelon. Home-made Yoda cake. Guitar Hero.

This is the picture that I think best describes the joy Aiden felt this day. I have to be honest with you, when I snapped this shot, it made all the hard work pay off in one instant.

The Cake:
*Sarah spent 5 hours on it until 11pm the night before
*It was a mighty fine Yoda, chocolate on chocolate double layer cake
*Kids at the table: "I want some of the Yoda face!"

The Presents

The Crew (that is, the ones we could get to stand still)

1 comment:

Cris said...

Oh, so it was yoda on the cake! I didn't quite recognize or make it out a bit before I read the captions. Anyway, I envy your skills on designing cakes. I'm just not blessed with the gift, I guess.

By the way, nice party! your Aidan sure did have a lot of fun.