Friday, April 10, 2009

Communion Gluttony

At Pearl Church, where we covenant as members, there is a line for communion where the bread is gluten-free so that those with wheat allergies can still take communion. It's also the same line as the grape juice - and since Aiden is now taking communion with us we stand in this line.

This past sunday I whispered to Sarah while we were approaching the bread and cup:
  • Robert: This is the gluten-free bread line.
  • Sarah: (Screws up her brow to communicate my inappropriate timing) Mmhmm.

After church:

  • Robert: Why did you look at me funny when I told you about the gluten-free bread in the grape juice line? That's why the bread tastes so different.
  • Sarah: Gluten free? Oh, I thought you said "glutton-free"!
  • Robert: (Imagining grabbing all the bread and drinking all the wine off the plate in line during church) Well, it is "glutton-free" too - especially considering it's the end of Lent.

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