Monday, February 9, 2009


A few weeks ago Aiden (6) accepted Christ as his savior after recognizing how sin in this world, including his own, is a curse that only Jesus can free him from. Plus he wanted to be with everyone in Heaven too. (To all this I say: "Praise God.")

Anyway, we've been having some profound conversations lately and tonight the subject happened to be tattoos.
  • Aiden: Dad, can I see your tattoos again?
  • Robert: Sure. (Shows them)
  • Aiden: When I get big I'm going to have tattoos.
  • Robert: Well son; did you know that I wish I didn't have my tattoos?
  • Aiden: Hm?
  • Robert: Yeah. I wish I would have been more satisfied with the body God gave me. But I was young and selfish and didn't think about it.
  • Aiden: So the only tattoos that are good are the paper kind that wash off...
  • Robert: Well, the other kind are ok too, but I just wish I would have not gotten mine. God gave me my body to take care of. It's the only body I get and He gave it special just for now I wish I didn't put marks all over it.
  • Aiden: Because God gave you the body he wanted you to have.

Exactly, my sweet boy.

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