Friday, August 15, 2008

Zoo Cleanup

Seems like all we talk about anymore is the zoo! Well...there's just one more thing...

We were looking at these:

  • Robert: Aiden, look at those Gazelles!
  • Aiden (6): No Dad, those are Gerenuks.
  • Robert: Wha?
  • Aiden: Nope. Gerenuks.
  • Robert: (Confirming on the little sign) Wow! How did you know that?
  • Aiden: I don't know.
  • Sarah: Did you hear it from school or something?
  • Aiden: I don't know. I think it was just in my brain.

Dave Hardy: (From somewhere behind me) "That'd make a good blog post."

In my defense, though, they are also referred to as a "Waller's Gazelles." Take that, smarty-pants!

Not to be outdone, this is how Chloë passes her time on hot days.

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