Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chloë's Stats

9-month Check-up (June 30th)
  • Ht: 33 inches = 105th percentile
  • Wt: 21.5 lbs = 75th percentile
Talking (sort of), crawling (too fast), walks with assistance, loves to wear her shoes (squeals with joy), drinks out of a sippy cup...

Our "buggie" in a "buggy"

Her favorite mode of transportation

Taking over big brother's slip-N-slide

Her favorite after-bath snack

Advice from Chloë: Always know where the camera is


LeRoy Lee said...

Your daughter,.. adorable. There I said it.

Mary said...

Yeah, she's an inch and a half taller than Bailey and he's 19 months old. My kid=10th percentile. Except his head then: my kid=95th percentile.

gleefulgirl said...

well - addison has been in the 95th percentile for height till this last appointment, now the 75th. But she just hit 25 pounds at 21 months. Amazing how different kiddos can be. You have a tall one! And I agree with my hubby - ADORABLE!!!