Friday, May 9, 2008

Sideways Video

It's not that I like forcing you to tilt your head to the left to watch these videos, it's that I keep forgetting that my phone has to be held sideways to take a video in order to get it right! Plus, since I don't have any good video editing get the point.

Consider these videos to be the end of my old "left-leaning" ways...the markers of my new pledge to only bring you videos that don't make your chiropractor rich!

More on that haircut everyone loves!

This one's a few months old...but a good example of why she busts up laughing at Aiden (which is a daily occurance when he's around)...such a goofy big brother...he has no shame when it comes to entertaining lil' sis.


Diana Verhulst said...

How did you fix the sideways video? Maybe I took my video sideways .. I can't remember, but I do have one that I can't seem to fix. Did you figure out how to fix these?

Unknown said...

No, I didn't figure it out. I would have to buy video editing software (most likely) and it's just not worth it for cell-phone I just have to remember to hold my phone the right way!

Anonymous said...

there is a free program called virtual dub its free and it works great if you have problems I can help with the vid turning exp LOOL let me know