Monday, April 7, 2008

Keep Praying, Because It's Working!

A while back we mentioned that we'd like to buy a house...that we we're too cramped in our two-bedroom place...that we just didn't know where a reasonable down-payment would come from...that we hoped folks would pray for us.

Well, keep praying because we recently put in our earnest money for new construction on a great place! The negotiations for the sale price went great and we're really happy! We found ways to really save up some money fast and found a great mortgage broker and real estate agent.

So, it will be a few months until we can move in (on account of it being only a cement foundation right now), so keep us in your prayers that nothing falls apart between now and then. God is good!

And now, some pictures!

Frisky just loves this! (Too bad sarcasm doesn't transfer well in the written form!)

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