Monday, November 5, 2007

Kids Just Say It Like It Is

Well, as you know, I sold my Lexus...but what you don't know is that I took the profit and paid CASH for another car. We tried to be a "one-car-family", but it was just too hard with how far away I work. So I bought a 1975 BMW 2002D. It is a very fun I thought I'd take my first-born son for a ride in a "classic" that is 32 years old and in very, very good condition! You could say that it is the CLEANEST car from the '70's...Here's what I got when he climbed in:

Aiden: "Dad"
Robert: "Yes, Son"
Aiden: "Why is it so dirty?"
Robert: "It's not dirty, just not"

At this point, I just gave up and told him that that's what makes it "cool"... so now if you ask him, he says:

"Dad's car is cool. On the outside it's cool, on the inside it's dirty...and a little bit ripped...with dust."

Here it is:

New pics of Chloë coming soon...check back later this week.

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