Monday, August 27, 2007

Ready For Football Season...Almost

All that's left to do is birth little Chloë, put her in a matching Alexander #37 Seahawks Home Jersey, and cheer!

It seems like everyone we know is having a baby soon! Case in point: We're playing in a fanstasy football league with some friends...4 couples, 4 pregnant wives! So we are the PFL - "Pregnant Football League".

So, while we wait to welcome little Chloë into our lives...Aiden is growing up so big (for proof, see the below photo taken at Jamison Square Park in July 2007 - does that look like a 5 year-old to you?)! He starts kindergarten at Kingsway Christian School on September 5th, 2007 - he's pretty excited.

"I am sick and tired of waiting for Chloë to get here!" - Aiden (to Sarah at the breakfast table)

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K said...

Wow -- your little guy is getting big. Time for a new family photo -- once Chloe gets here of course.

Kelly Wilbanks