Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Hottest Woman Around...

Seriously, how can you look at the following picture and not agree with me?

Also, Aiden is pretty excited about his new little sister too!

Notice the "4" indicating the "4th" family member represented in the belly!

Also, I wanted to put you all on alert that we will soon be posting some of the name suggestions we've gotten and would like to ask for new suggestions to consider - but wait for that post to come. In the meantime, if you have any good boy names, help out our friends Dave and Beka Hardy at Hardy Worth Your Time.


Dave said...

Looks like Aiden is lobbying for a "full quiver" in the Leary family, eh?

Unknown said...

Full Quiver...I had to look that one up! Yeah, I guess he is!

Don't know what that means either?

Davin Studer said...

The drawing looks just like you Robert. You got a Rembrandt there.