Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First Official Blog For Us

Well, with the new baby (see photos below) coming along and this little family developing, I thought it fitting to do a blog mainly as a way to post photos of us for the world (and by world, I mean our family and friends, and other weird voyeuristic types) to keep up on what's going on. It is so hard to keep up on letters, cards, phone calls, emails and all that other jibba-jabba...so, it is with a "Leary Outlook" that I present this as a viable alternative.

We'll get some more ultrasound pictures on April 16th...and we may even make a world-premier announcement about the gender of the little tike.

So, I'll quit with the jibba-jabba, and make with the goods!


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Hey, you're having a lima bean. Congrats!!